Thanks for dropping in - as usual here at Dark we're making our gear in Canada, offering awe-inspiring bike components and frames that are designed and built to perform, take abuse, and turn heads.
Supernova custom build
Feast eyes on a Dark Supernova build with pink powdercoat, built with pink Arachnids & bash, custom decals
Scarab in Kawasaki Green
Our custom powdercoat guy continues to blow us away--check out this Scarab frame sporting a slightly metallic 'Kawasaki' green, with clear overcoat:
Arachnid Pedals

Beautifully CNC machined from aluminum solid bar-stock. You have to see these up close to really appreciate their total awesomeness. Nice and light, insanely grippy, 7 colors to choose from.
Supernova in clear powdercoat
With machining, mitering and tube-forming by Dark, and welding by none other than Chris DeKerf: behold one of the first painted from a fresh batch of our Supernova hardtails, in clear powder coat. Hand-made in Canada, these frames build into awesome do-anything trail rippers.
Replenished Rings
We've finally got a schwack of our 36-tooth bash rings back from anodizing, so now have lots of stock in all 7 colours. Get 'em while they're hot, right here.
what the heck is this?
Clickless browsing
This sites uses an interface technology where you can browse the entire site, even enter payment and shipping information, etc., and... never have to click the mouse or trackpad once.
All you have to do is move your pointer over the 'bulge' that slides out, and it will follow the link as if you pressed the button. We think it's better to save your fingers and wrists for feathering those brakes. If you don't like it, well, you can just press the button. You can also turn it off.
All Scarab Ride
SEVEN dudes with Scarabs all got together and hit Cypress Mountain here on the North Shore. Beautiful day, dry trails, no casualties, and beer and BBQ in the parking lot afterwards.
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